2020/21 MDI School District & Community Reports are now available.


These reports provide a comprehensive overview of MDI results for participating school districts in BC, including neighbourhood profiles and maps.

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MDI data represent one of the most comprehensive population-based datasets about children in the middle years and early adolescence over time in Canada, providing information from the perspectives of children on their social and emotional competence, mental and physical health, and well-being, as well the assets in their lives, including connectedness to adults and peers, nutrition and sleep, and use of time after school. This essential information can be used by educators, district administrators, community leaders, families, and other important stakeholders to work collectively to support our children to navigate the challenges and complexity of this unique time.


Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl and the MDI Implementation Team are grateful to the teachers, education staff and school administrators who make the MDI project possible. They also extend their warmest appreciation to the students who take the time to share their experiences on the MDI questionnaire. Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the MDI Implementation Team if you require any support with your MDI Reports. They would be happy to answer questions, provide presentation support and assist with interpretation of your results.


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