Letting kids tell their own stories

Letting kids tell their own stories

Malena is ten years old.
She’s got a lot going for her: she’s eloquent, possesses a range of interests, and even has a budding YouTube presence.

But Malena’s also had to deal with things we hope ten year-olds never need face, including struggling with anxiety.

If you’ve never listened to Terrible, Thanks for Asking, a warning: it can be heart-wrenching. With each podcast, host Nora McInerny explores (with humour, passion, and gentleness) what happens when we provide a honest answer to the question: “How are you?”

This latest episode, Childhood, gives the microphone to 10-year-old Malena and allows her to share her own middle-years experience. Malena describes how her anxiety makes her feel, offers tips on managing it (build an anxiety box!), and, throughout, reminds us of the power of giving children a voice.

Grab some tissues and listen here.