Selected Papers

Slide Schonert-Reichl, KA, Guhn M,
Gadermann A, Hymel S, Sweiss L,
Hertzman C
Development and Validation of the
Middle-Years Development Instrument
(MDI): Assessing Children's Well-Being
and Assets across Multiple Contexts.
2012 Social Indicators Research
Slide Guhn M, Gadermann A, Almas A,
Schonert-Reichl KA, Hertzman C
Associations of teacher-rated social,
emotional, and cognitive development
in kindergarten to self-reported
well-being, peer relations, and academic
test scores in middle childhood.
2016 Early Childhood Research Quarterly
Slide Guhn M, Schonert-Reichl KA,
Gadermann A, Hymel S, Hertzman C
A Population Study of Victimization,
Relationships, and Well-Being in
Middle Childhood
2012 Journal of Happiness Studies
Slide Guhn M, Schonert-Reichl, KA,
Gadermann A, Marriott D, Pedrini L,
Hymel S, Hertzman C
Well-Being in Middle Childhood:
An Assets-Based Population-Level
Research-to-Action Project
2012 Child Indicators Research
Slide Oberle E, Schonert-Reichl KA, Zumbo Bruno Life Satisfaction in Early Adolescence:
Personal, Neighborhood, School
Family, and Peer Influences
2010 Journal of Youth Adolescence
Slide Thomson K, Oberle E,
Gadermann A, Guhn M, Rowcliffe P,
Schonert-Reichl KA
Measuring social-emotional
development in middle childhood:
The Middle Years Development
2017 Journal of Applied Developmental