Making Sense: Your data journey

We believe that access to rich, accurate data on well-being in the middle years is a first and critical step in ensuring that all children thrive in healthy societies. With data in hand, parents, schools and communities can develop a clear picture of current strengths and challenges and build data-informed plans for the future.

We want to help you

Provide a clear baseline of child well-being in schools, communities and neighbourhoods to better tailor and invest in programs and services.

Bring attention to the middle years as a distinct and critical phase of development and explore the multiple lenses of the middle-childhood experience.

Identify trends and understand changes in childhood well-being over time as your community grows and changes.

Explore and celebrate the strengths present in your community and build on those assets to support all children.

Challenge assumptions of how your kids are doing by exploring their self-assessments of well-being.

Adopt a fact-based, neutral language to share knowledge of child well-being. Build relationships with the individuals and institutions that play a role in the lives of middle-years children.

Your Data Journey begins here

We recognize that people have a broad range of comfort with data, from those whose eyes glaze over at the first sign of a bar graph to others who live, breathe and dream about statistics.

You don’t need to be a data whiz to understand and make use of MDI results.

You do need to understand what the MDI measures, how the results are presented, and key concepts about population-level research and the dimensions of health and well-being during the middle years.

Have no fear! We are going to walk you through it.

The Core Ideas

Understand the building blocks of child well-being and learn how the MDI measures them

Explore Your Data

Access your school and community MDI data and learn to identify local strengths and challenges.

Share Your Data

Find tools and presentations templates that will help you to engage your colleagues and community.