Sharing your MDI Data

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Sharing your MDI data with others is a critical first step to improve outcomes for children. Sharing your reports raises awareness of the holistic nature of child well-being, increases opportunities for local dialogue, and encourages the use of a neutral, fact-based way to discuss the strengths and challenges present in your community.

This isn’t always an easy task – we know many people can be apprehensive about presenting data or avoid doing so altogether.

But let us reassure you: You don’t need to have it all figured out before you present your data. In fact, the whole point is to make sense of your data together.

How do I share my MDI Data?

Create a Story

Your presentation will be more powerful if it is in the context of a clear narrative. Considering presenting only a subset of the data and how you plan to use this information to improve well-being.

Encourage Curiosity

MDI data is the first step, not the final answer. Encourage your audience to contribute their own ideas and to ask questions if they want to explore a point further. Look for strengths and patterns in your school or community data.

Make Space for Feelings

It’s natural for people to have an emotional response to information about the well-being of children. Recognize the passion of those in the room and carve out space for reactions and exploration.


Get a head start with our MDI Slide Decks.

We want you to focus on building your story, not on building presentation decks from scratch. We’ve built a slide deck for you to download and modify for your own needs:

The MDI 101 presentation covers the basics of the survey and provides the context new audiences need to understand what it measures and why it is important. Labeled slides are included for you to add your own MDI data.

MDI 101

To help you with your slide creation we have created a step-by-step video that shows how to screen capture data from your MDI reports and add the captures to your presentation slides.

How to: Capture your Data for presentations

The Exploring Data Worksheet contains a few simple prompts to help your audience reflect on MDI results and formulate new questions.

Exploring Data Worksheet

Who should I share my data with?

  • Educators and staff who work directly with children in schools and community centres can find new ways of supporting kids in their daily practice.

  • Schools and school systems can use MDI data as a solid foundation for yearly planning.

  • Local governments and health agencies can use the data and maps provided by the MDI to help allocate resources to better serve children and families.

  • Sharing with children engages them in the process of making sense of the data.

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