Making Change in Schools

Every interaction with a student can make a difference.

There isn’t just one way to move from data to action. Your school staff and school system teams have unique ways of learning and working together to make change both inside and outside the classroom. The key is to begin the conversation by weaving MDI data together with the knowledge that exists in schools (and beyond) and taking advantage of the skills of educators to more explicitly and deliberately influence how we support children’s well-being.

We believe that the active process of learning, making meaning, focusing and action planning will uncover opportunities for making change in the practices of individual teachers, across all school environments and in policy directions set by school districts.

We’re calling this the Making Change in Schools Process.

Explore the Data

Bring people together to engage with the data and explore what well-being looks like in your schools.

Action Teams

Select a focus area and work in teams to identify the actions and relationships needed to make change.

Let your Plans Grow

Develop your action plan, share it with others, and build a structure for follow-up and evaluation.

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