Making Change in Community

We’re all in this together.

The better informed we are, the greater power we have to make a difference. When we choose to engage with others to foster well-being in the Middle Years, we open the door to possibility and increase our capacity to make change. Working in the community has the potential to build partnerships, share responsibility, leverage resources and coordinate change efforts. There is not only one way to move from data to action, because there are many variables and mandates to consider when working community wide.

We believe that the active process of learning, making meaning, focusing and action planning will uncover opportunities for making change in the practices of anyone who works with and for kids outside of school, including after-school programmers and the staff of municipalities, non-profits, and community service providers.

We’re calling this the Making Change in Community Process.

Explore the Data

Bring people together to engage with the data and explore what well-being looks like in your community.

Action Teams

Select a focus area and work in teams to identify the actions and relationships needed to make change.

Let Your Plans Grow

Develop your action plan, share it with others, and build a structure for follow-up and evaluation.


Our Making Change Workshop Guide

We’ve taken the 3 elements in the Making Change in Communities process (explore data, action teams and let your plans grow) and designed a step-by-step guide for you to follow as is, or adapt as you need. Find out more about these workshops and download our facilitator guides and presentation decks.

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