Making Change:
Your action journey

Our goal is to support educators, families, and children to chart their own course toward improving the lives of children during these critical years of growth and transition.

Weaving MDI data together with local knowledge will allow you to better identify and address the many factors that are influencing children’s development. The better informed we are, the greater power we have to make a difference.

Significant change can and needs to occur at many levels – individual relationships, classroom environments and activities, school culture, community services, and government policy. At each level – big and small in scope – there are opportunities to improve child well-being now and see benefits across the lifespan.

We want to help you

Identify where and how your change will begin

Design innovative and concrete action plans

Integrate small steps that result in change over time

Advocate for attention on social and emotional programs for children in the middle years

Find the cyclical rhythm of study, planning, action, evaluation, and celebration to sustain your work

Choose a Focus

Our Suggestions for tackling the hardest step: Where to Start

Ready for Action

Get Creative and Explore the multiple ways you can begin to make change.

Sustain Your Journey

Evaluate, Advocate, Celebrate: Find out how to keep your change efforts going