Making Change

Weave data and local knowledge together
to design a change process that reflects
your school, district, or community.

Our goal is to support communities, schools, families, and children to chart their own course toward improving the lives of children during these critical years of growth and transition.

Significant change can and must occur at many levels – individual relationships, classroom environments and activities, school culture, community services, and government policy. At each level – big and small in scope – there are opportunities to improve child well-being now and see benefits across the lifespan.


MDI Data is meant to be shared.

Use your data to start the conversation around strengths and challenges in your school or community. These conversations with educators, families, and community members will help you discover which ideas resonate the strongest, so you can channel your efforts in this direction for your change work.

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Making Change in Schools

You can help children thrive every day at school.

By recognizing the unique developmental needs of children in the middle years, schools can design activities and environments that match their students’ growth. Perhaps even more importantly, social interactions between children, their peers, and adults in school can provide long-lasting benefits.

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Making Change in Communities

Your community can nurture healthy children.

The are opportunities to help children develop critical skills and provide the assets which can enable them to thrive everywhere in the community. Schools and communities working together can create thriving environments for kids wherever they are.

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Working together to build programs for children

Roberta O’Brien, Coordinator for the Ridge Meadows Community Children’s Table, explores the development of the Active Kids Hour program, an after-school initiative involving collaboration between the municipality, school district and community stakeholders. Learn how MDI data was used to identify areas of focus and guide the planning of the AKH pilot program.

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