We can do so much more together.

We’re learning new things about childhood well-being every day through research, experimentation, and in conversations with educators, social-sector professionals, and kids themselves.

We believe that sharing these learnings — our successes and challenges, well-used resources and new ideas, local and global perspectives — is a key part of the effort to see all children thriving in healthy societies. We want to help foster a vibrant learning community, and see connections grow between the worlds of research and practice.

So let’s keep the channel open.

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Upcoming and previously recorded events offered by HELP and other research and community partners.


Connect with each other.

We’re profiling seasoned MDI-users and asking them to share their experience with you. Check out their advice and submit your burning questions.


Our Trainer Network

Each year following MDI data collection we hear similar questions from participants across the country – What are others doing with their MDI data? How are others moving the dial in children’s well-being? – and we know that the best way to answer these questions is by having districts and communities share their own experiences. We’re building a full school-year cycle of training events for the MDI.

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