Welcome to the MDI Trainer Network.

Let’s do some great work together.

This MDI Trainer Network is for anyone who is working to collect data with the MDI, and anyone working with that data to improve child well-being in their community.

Each month, we’ll be posting a summary of the content you need to know:

  • Invitations to webinars and links to recorded content (Full Calendar)
  • The steps MDI Administrators need to complete during the month, and links to the required resources
  • stories from one or more MDI champions to help put a first-person perspective on the MDI Journey
  • Links to related posts and resources you may find helpful


Welcome back to another school year and the start of a new MDI season.

This will be our biggest MDI year yet, and we’re thrilled to have you on board for the launch of our new Trainer Network series. We’re hoping to provide more hands-on support through this channel and help facilitate sharing between MDI participants.

Find the recording of September’s Training Webinar here:

Trainer Network Welcome & MDI Administration Webinar
YouTube Video Link


STEP #1:
Review the MDI Administrator Timeline and highlight the key dates and steps for your staff.

STEP #2:
Attend our first webinar to meet the HELP team and learn how this year’s collection process will roll out.


Marna Macmillan has been a teacher in Coquitlam, BC’s SD#43 for the past 28 years. Since 2010, Marna has been a Learning Services coordinator working in the areas of social and emotional learning, curriculum and safe schools. She’s coordinated the implementation of both the grade 4 and grade 7 MDI in her district and has worked continually with administrators, educators and community partners to build SD #43’s knowledge and capacity to turn MDI data into action.

Read More and Ask Marna your questions here


This is a busy month for everyone in the Trainer Network.
October’s goals are to:
Talk to your school’s staff about the MDI
Make sure parents have the information they need
Get familiar with our e-system

Because we know everyone is busy, we won’t be holding a live webinar this month. Instead we’ve created an instructional video for the e-system you can watch at your convenience. Share this with anyone who will be taking part in survey administration.



STEP #1: Provide Parents & Guardians with both the MDI Infosheet and the Consent Letters.
Parents must receive the information letter 4 weeks prior to the start of implementation and have the option to withdraw their child from participation.

STEP #2: Share the Educator Infosheet and Principal Package with schools to prepare them for the next steps.


Download and share these easy-to-read two page summaries of the five dimensions of the MDI and the Well-Being & Asset Indices. Each Quicksheet explains the concept, introduces key research highlights, and offers action ideas to help engage kids and support well-being at home, in school, and in the community.


The final page of the MDI Survey asks students if they’d like to speak with a teacher or principal about any problems they are experiencing.

This post explains why we built the Student Help Request Page and how those requests are shared with you.