Angelo Lam

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Our spirited friend and colleague, Angelo Lam, passed away in April 2018. Angelo is remembered by HELP faculty and staff for his generous and kind nature, optimistic spirit and commitment to building a better world for children. He was a leader in advocating for children’s rights and a catalyst for community development in the Tri-Cities region for many years.

Angelo was a champion of the MDI since the early days of the project. His work contributed to an increased awareness of the importance of middle childhood in BC, and demonstrated the value of using MDI data to promote dialogue, connect people across communities and focus investments on children and families.

HELP will continue to honour Angelo’s work by building on his approaches of collaboration and inclusivity and sharing the impacts of his lasting work in BC communities. See below to learn more about Angelo’s important work.


Angelo Lam

I coordinate the Tri-Cities Middle Childhood Development Planning Table and am privileged to work with the most amazing group of people serving this community.

Together we seek opportunities to support the healthy development of children living in Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Anmore and Belcarra.

The MDI provides our diverse community planning table with a common language to examine trends related to the healthy development of children. This provides the basis for our work arounds policies, programs and services.


Champions supporting other Champions

When thinking about your own job or role, how do you think it allows you to make change?
I have the opportunity to strengthen existing relationships while simultaneously reaching out to engage more groups in the planning table’s work, which creates the environments for sustainable change to happen.
What assets or opportunities in your school or community have you (or can you) leverage to improve well-being?
Over the past decade, the level of collaboration across agencies and sectors in the Tri-Cities has continued to improve. There are champions throughout the community leading this collaborative spirit. This opens up opportunities to do some significant work in support of the well-being of children.
If you could share one piece of advice about how to connect and engage with people around middle years issues, what would it be?
Listen intently!