April 16: Preparing for your 2018-19 MDI School Reports

Sharlene EugenioWebinars & Training

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl discusses 5 key strategies for moving-to-action with your MDI data in anticipation of the 2018-2019 MDI school report release on April 23, 2019.

Jan 10: MDI 5 Key Messages

Sharlene EugenioWebinars & Training

Dr. Kimberly Schonert-Reichl discusses questions that arise from teachers and parents about the MDI.

Nov 8: Strategies for MDI Success in Schools

Sharlene EugenioWebinars & Training

Watch a webinar recording from November 2018, where Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl shares 5 key strategies for moving to action with your MDI data.

June 12: Well-Being After School

Michael BrighamWebinars & Training

Join HELP Director Kim Schonert-Reichl for a live webinar on May 23rd where she’ll reveal our latest analysis of MDI data regarding out-of-school time in the Lower Mainland. This webinar will also feature a special guest to share on-the-ground experiences of supporting thriving after school.

Data is Meant to be Shared

Michael BrighamWebinars & Training

The Middle Years Development Instrument finds its highest purpose when it spurs conversation and supports planning for well-being in classrooms, schools, and communities. In this webinar, we provide a quick overview of report access and structure, share our best tips for sharing the data within, and hear from special guest Gail Markin, District Counselor, SD35

April 25: Making Change through Conversation

Michael BrighamWebinars & Training

Are you ready to spark conversations and work to make change in your classroom, school, neighbourhood, or community? Could you use a little help to kickstart this process?

Learn more about the Making Change Workshop materials we designed just for you. Tracy Smyth and Tammy Dewar of ReadytoRaise will walk you through these new resources they created in collaboration with HELP, and we’ll answer your questions about hosting engaging conversations and building action teams around MDI data.

A closer look at Sleep

Michael BrighamWebinars & Training

HELP Director Kim Schonert-Reichl hosts a special webinar dedicated to the critical role sleep plays in middle years well-being. We unpack what trends we’ve seen in MDI data and discuss what schools, communities, and families are doing to support healthy sleep.

January 25: MDI School Data in Your Hands

Michael BrighamWebinars & Training

In preparation for the release of MDI School Reports in early February, we’ll walk you through the steps to access and share your data, highlighting a few new changes to the MDI report interface. We’ll be joined by three special guests who will share their expertise on using MDI data at the school level. Health Promoting Schools Coordinators Janelle Zebedee and Tricia Penny from Central Okanagan School District will share the on-the-ground strategies they’ve developed to support school leadership in building data-informed plans.

Peter Dubinsky is the Director of Instruction for the Burnaby School District, and will share his perspective on the wisdom of taking it slow when it comes to long-term change in schools.

Register today to learn from these incredible MDI Champions and prepare yourself to work with school data upon release next month.